Hosted by tobias c. van Veen

Other Planes covers all things Afrofuturism from Planet Earth to the beyond. Hosted by renegade theorist and tactical turntablist tobias c. van Veen, Other Planes features soundposts, audio journeys, and interviews with Afrofuturists from all star systems, from emcees to philosophers, scribes to scholars, painters to poets, artists and MythScientists to DJs. Always evolving, Afrofuturism names science fictional expressions of the Afrodiaspora and African continent that reimagine blackness by drawing upon the past to infiltrate new futures into the present. Today Afrofuturism is but one concept in the constellation of the the black speculative arts movement, from Afrosurrealism to Afrocentrism. Other Planes delves into the multiverse of the black speculative arts, including black science fiction, film, and comix; black cosplay and alien becomings; philosophies of radical black ontology, the black fantastic, and posthumanism; futuristic black politics and remix culture; and the many sounds of black electronic, experimental, new griot, and machine music. Expect all shapes and forms of the interstellar imaginary on Other Planes.