Gautam Sharma

Gautam Sharma is a Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur, Trainer, and Marketer from Chennai, India, who strongly believes in the power of dreams. Gautam is known for his creativity and his marketing skills, making him a sough after freelancer in South India. More about Gautam Sharma.

Aadhavan Sibi Mathivanan

Aadhavan Sibi Mathivanan is an Electrical Engineering Graduate Student at The University of Texas at Dallas where he concentrates on RF and Microwave systems engineering, circuit design and measurement. He is passionate about music production, audio mixing & mastering, and putting his signal processing background to good use as a part of the Creative Disturbance […]

Alex Garcia Topete

Alex has had extensive experience writing and directing for film and television, both in the U.S. and his native Mexico since 2005. His passions for storytelling and filmmaking have been the main driving force of his career and life. Those were also the inspirations to shoot his first feature, TRIPPERS, under the tenets of “mumblecore” […]

Laura U. Marks

Laura U. Marks works on media art and philosophy with an intercultural focus. She programs experimental media art for venues around the world. She is currently working on enfolding-unfolding aesthetics, a research method informed by theories of the fold in Deleuze and in Shi’a philosophy, and on the influences of hermetic practices from the Muslim […]

Azadeh Emadi

Azadeh Emadi’s work involves theoretical, philosophical and practical exploration of digital media arts, particularly moving image. She is interested in the intercultural and philosophical study of moving image practice. Investigating Persian philosophies of interconnection, light and change in the context of media theories, her current research and artistic practice aims to reveal new points of […]

Andrew J. Kunka

Andrew J. Kunka is Professor of English and Division Chair at the University of South Carolina Sumter. He is the author of the forthcoming book Autobiographical Comics from Bloomsbury’s Comics Studies Series. He has also published on Will Eisner, Kyle Baker, Gene Luen Yang, Jack Katz, comics noir, and race and comics. He is co-founder […]

Derek Royal

Derek Royal is an editor and copywriter, as well as the producer of The Comics Alternative podcast. He is also the general editor of the new Bloomsbury Comics Studies Series from Bloomsbury Academic. His writings on comics studies, American literature, and film topics have appeared in a variety of journals and book collections. Derek grew […]

David Marlett

David is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, crowdfunding expert, and photoartist. He is pursuing his PhD in Immersive Cinema at the University of Texas (Dallas). He is currently developing his screenplay BLUE HIGHWAY to be one of the first immersive cinema feature films.

Sarphan Uzunoğlu

Lecturer at Kadir Has University, PhD candidate at Galatasaray University, contributes to

H. Cenk Dereli

Hasan Cenk Dereli is a PhD Candidate in Architecture working with urban politics and proactive design ideas.His personal creative productions define a practice span from radio production, music, design research to events organization. He is also one of the members and project coordinators of probono architecture practice Herkes İçin Mimarlık Derneği (Architecture For All Association) […]