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Alex has had extensive experience writing and directing for film and television, both in the U.S. and his native Mexico since 2005. His passions for storytelling and filmmaking have been the main driving force of his career and life. Those were also the inspirations to shoot his first feature, TRIPPERS, under the tenets of “mumblecore” films and with virtually no budget, and from his love of “old Hollywood” and genre movies and female-driven stories came VAMPS, BLOOD & SMOKING GUNS, a vampire film noir. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Vimeo and YouTube.

Host of

T-Shaped Shifters


Host Alex Garcia Topete investigates the features and factors of transdisciplinary intelligence and its impact upon our understanding of and solutions to the most complex problems of our world. The findings about transdisciplinary intelligence and collaboration spark conversations with experts from a diversity of fields and industries regarding their own experiences as hybrids and amphibians bridging different worldviews with their knowledge.

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