Azadeh Emadi




Azadeh Emadi’s work involves theoretical, philosophical and practical exploration of digital media arts, particularly moving image. She is interested in the intercultural and philosophical study of moving image practice. Investigating Persian philosophies of interconnection, light and change in the context of media theories, her current research and artistic practice aims to reveal new points of view by challenging the preconceived understanding of the real and imaginary worlds. She co- founded the Substantial Motion Research Network with Laura U. Marks.

Host of

Substantial Motion Research Network


The Substantial Motion Research Network gets its name from harakat al-jawhariyya, the process in which things transform from within in response to the universe's stimulations from without, as theorized by Sadr al-Dīn al-Shīrāzī. An international research network of scholars and artists, we stimulate each other to think and create across cultures and media. Starting from shared interests in the links between Islamic philosophy and digital media and in the connective…

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