Celestia Joann Koh


Director of Awesomeness, Abuser of Emojis. Celestia is a dessert nomming keyboard warrior who harvests all the souls. She believes playing is serious business and lives to analyse ALL THE THINGS related to psychology and video games; particularly the delicious data contained within its rich enviornments. Born Australian, with roots in Chinese-Malaysian heritage, she has strategically invested over 25 years of game experience and its culture.
Having unlocked an MSc in Entrepreneurship and MSSc in Psychology (Reserach) from Lund University in Sweden, she champions games research and is a purveyor of creativity and innovation in the industry. She endeavors to refine her skillset and increase her knowledge base in game psychology, to truly challenge what it means to be an academic gamer.

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We like to brain about ALL THE THINGS related to psychology, online games, and the delicious wealth of data contained within it. From the games themselves, the players and culture, to the publishers producing them. Drawing in various primary and secondary sources from academic research, media, and popular culture- we explore, analyse and discuss because playing is SRS BSNS. Logo by Celestia Joann Koh.

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