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Information Discovery


Christine Maxwell is a 35-year veteran of the scientific and educational publishing industries; she has been a leading pioneer in the online information retrieval industry since the early 1990s. She has served as Chairman, President and CEO of private start-ups, and has navigated her first start-up, Magellan – one of the first Internet professionally curated directories that was featured on the homepage of Netscape in the early 90s, to a successful IPO. She co-founded and was on the Board of Chiliad, Inc – whose software was highly scalable and focused on enabling data analysis across clouds, agencies, departments and other stovepipes.

With a strong international management background and a flair for innovation in the complex arena of information discovery and big data analytics, Christine also has also served (among many other positions) as a Member of the Board of the Santa Fe Institute – a think tank for the study of the sciences of complexity, and as Vice Chairman and Board member of the Internet Society – the world’s trusted independent source of leadership for Internet policy, technology standards and future development. She was appointed an IPv6 Fellow of the IPv6 Forum in 2011 in recognition of her contributions to support the promotion, deployment, and technology advantages of Internet Protocol version 6 around the world.

Christine graduated with a BA degree in Latin American Studies and Sociology from Pitzer College, Claremont, CA. She has a post-graduate Teacher’s Certificate from Oxford University in the UK and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is presently pursuing a Doctorate in Arts and Humanities at UT Dallas. Combining her experience in publishing, market research, and online information retrieval industries, her research is focused on the burgeoning field of decision science.

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Artists, scientists and technologists working on big ideas, need to be able to work with massive digital datasets (from pixels to waves to real-time streams), without compromising their projects due to limited network capabilities. Data artists are experimenting more and more with ways to make huge amounts of data comprehensible and accessible to a very broad range of people. Corporations are hiring independent artists to approach novel problems concerning data…

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