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Crowdfunding and Immersive Cinema


David is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, crowdfunding expert, and photoartist. He is pursuing his PhD in Immersive Cinema at the University of Texas (Dallas). He is currently developing his screenplay BLUE HIGHWAY to be one of the first immersive cinema feature films.

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Adventures in Crowdfunding


All things crowdfunding: donation-based, reward-based, pre-sell version, and equity-based crowdfunding. In addition we will have conversations with many who have either crowdfunded are in their crowdfunding campaign at the time. Logo by



Author and filmmaker David Marlett is researching and developing what he calls “cinemersia,” the cinematic, storytelling, and artistic techniques necessary to produce feature length, live-action, narrative ‘films’ to be experienced within head-mounted displays (“HMDs”) such as the Oculus Rift or Sony Morpheus. His narrative/story work is in concert with the numerous innovators currently developing advanced HMDs, 3D/360 cameras, and workflow/distribution technologies. Logo by

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