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Derek Royal is an editor and copywriter, as well as the producer of The Comics Alternative podcast. He is also the general editor of the new Bloomsbury Comics Studies Series from Bloomsbury Academic. His writings on comics studies, American literature, and film topics have appeared in a variety of journals and book collections. Derek grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he constantly visited 7-ll, Little General, local supermarkets, and other stores with spinner racks — Hey Kids, Comics! — to satisfy his hunger for comic books. Although first enrolled in a multi-disciplinary studies graduate program at UNC-Greensboro, where the idea of pop cultural research appealed to him, Derek went on to receive his MA and PhD in English from Purdue University. He had focused much of his teaching, scholarship, and editing on traditional literary fiction and film, but since the mid-2000s he has published almost solely in the field of comics studies.

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