Janeil Engelstad

Cultural Producer / Founder Make Art with Purpose


Janeil Engelstad’s work is guided by the following question: How does my work make a generative and positive contribution to people and the planet? Intentional, creative action grounded in Spirit, Gratitude, Love and Purpose underpins her life and work. Her process, which can be as valuable as the outcome, includes research, deep listening, and building interdisciplinary, collaborations between people and organizations. In addition to producing her own projects, Engelstad is the Founding Director of Make Art with Purpose (MAP), an organization that produces art and design projects that address social and environmental concerns around the world. A Fulbright Scholar, Engelstad has taught and lectured at universities throughout North America and Europe. She is an Affiliate Artist at the Social Practice Art Research Center (SPARC), University of California, Santa Cruz.

Host of

MAP Radio Hour


Cultural Producer Janeil Engelstad Hosts Conversations with Writers, Artists, Designers and Others Impacting People and the Planet.

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