Jason Brogden

Biology Instructor, Science Chair, Lynx Director






Jason Brogden is the chair of the Science Department at Founders Classical Academy, Director of the Lynx Academy, and was a part-time lecturer in the History of Science in the Science and Math Ed Department at the University of Texas at Dallas. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a BS in Kinesiology (focus in Anatomy and Motor Learning) he then pursued a Master of Theology Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, a Master of Arts degree in the History of Science from the University of Oklahoma.  He is concentrating on the writings of naturalist Loren Eiseley as a template for written science communication. Mr. Brogden was the 2015 FCA Upper School Teacher of the Year as a full-time high school biology instructor. He is currently rewriting and editing works related to science and religion.  He contributes to mentoring new teachers within a classical setting seeking to establish integration between science and other fields for students.

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Lynx Science


The Lynx Academy is a science and mathematics fellowship of high school students, corporate sponsors, mentors, university professors and classical instructors dedicated to coordinating ancient ideas with moderns discoveries. The mascot of lynx was chosen from della Porta’s book “Magia Naturalis”, which had an illustration of the fabled cat on the cover and the words “…with lynx like eyes, examining those things which manifest themselves, so that having observed them,…

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