Kyle Kondas

Co-Creator of Tiny Thumbs


Kyle Kondas is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Texas at Dallas. His studies include digital video production, on-line media, new media art and most recently the study of video games as art.
Kyle is also a video artist who has exhibited his work in several exhibitions throughout Dallas and has co-created three programs for the Dallas Videofest since 2009.
In 2012, Kyle was in charge of video for DIFF Media (Dallas International Film Festival) and was one of 14 artists invited to exhibit their work in Expanded Cinema, a program of video art displayed on the exterior walls of the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas.
Recently Kyle co-created Tiny Thumbs, a new pop-up arcade that will be showcasing current indie games from local and nationwide artist.

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Indie Game Nation


Indie game developers and artist discuss the games they create, working as an independent artist or as part of a small team in the world of mass marketed triple-a game companies, opinions on the game industry, working independently compared to working for the larger game companies; the troubles they’ve had trying to get their work shown. Logo by Cassini Nazir.

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