Matej Vakula

Ph. D. Candidate



Art, Bioart, and Biology


Matej is an artist working with computation, biology, and tissue printing, looking at their impact on society and nature. He studies the relationship between gaming, biology, and artificial intelligence as a Ph.D. candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He collaborates with the Center for Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnologies at Memorials Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Advanced Science Research Center at CUNY, TRIUMF Particle Collider center in Vancouver, and as a research assistant at IBM Cognitive and Immersive Systems Laboratory.

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Biocollider is about research on the intersection of art, science, and technology. Its conversations usually tie into more profound, philosophical questions that lie beyond our everyday life and later circle back. The interviews inspire my Ph.D. research and thinking about connections between humans, machines, intelligence, biology, art, philosophy, technology, games, fiction, and politics. Biocollider is a place where science from top research institutions meets DIY science and art. To learn…

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