Scot Gresham-Lancaster


Scot Gresham-Lancaster is a composer, performer, instrument builder and educator. He is an associate professor of sound design at ATEC UT Dallas. The focus of his research is in the sonification of data sets in tight relationships with visualizations, (multimodal representations). As a member of the HUB, he is an early pioneer of “computer network music” and has developed many “cellphone operas”. He has created a series of “co-located” international Internet performances and worked developing audio for several games and interactive products. He is an expert in educational technology.

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Producer Steve Bull and composer Scot Gresham-Lancaster have spent the last decade producing a variety of new forms of “opera” linked to cellphone use. The Cellphonia channel displays the results of this endeavor in podcast form while supplementing these “operas” with interviews and reactions from the projects’s various contributors. Logo by Stephanie Brisendine.

Sound & Data


Auditory perception has advantages in temporal, amplitude, and frequency resolution that open possibilities as an alternative or complement to visualization techniques. The implications and techniques of this approach to extending the perception of data to the sense of hearing will be the focus of this channel.

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