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Siying Duan is host of the Elephant Says channel. She is currently conducting doctoral research at the University of Shanghai in New Media Installation and Comparative Aesthetics.

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Elephant Says

普通话 [Mandarin]

In Chinese aesthetics, 象(Xiang) is an important concept which basically means an aesthetic object that is both present and absent, which creates an effect that transcends the barrier between viewer and artwork. This kind of aesthetic thought is not exclusive to traditional Chinese art practice; on the contrary, its dynamic, relational and non-dualistic features resonate with characteristics of contemporary media art practices. In order to make these art practices more…

Substantial Motion Research Network


The Substantial Motion Research Network gets its name from harakat al-jawhariyya, the process in which things transform from within in response to the universe's stimulations from without, as theorized by Sadr al-Dīn al-Shīrāzī. An international research network of scholars and artists, we stimulate each other to think and create across cultures and media. Starting from shared interests in the links between Islamic philosophy and digital media and in the connective…

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