Aesthetics of Cinema / زیبایی شناسی سینما

فارسی [Färsi]

Artisthinktive Iran art

Hatef Alimardani is a renowned Iranian filmmaker, director, and screenwriter whose movies are noticeably engaged with socio-political dilemmas, cultural cleavages and economic difficulties of present-day Iran, portrayed through stories of Iranian middle class families.
My dialogue with him revolves around issues such as the correlation between cinema and science, cinema and society, aesthetics of cinema, cinema as an autonomous medium, and naturalistic cinema. In this podcast, Alimardani, as a professional filmmaker, emphasizes the power and penetration of the cinematic picture through evoking and touching upon the emotional and mental state of cinema’s audiences. Hatef Alimardani characterizes Iran’s cinema as an internationally-recognized artistic phenomenon which is primarily tangled with representation of interpersonal relationships contextualized in the current turbulent situation of the Iranian society.

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