Bernard Stiegler on Art for the Society of Hyper Control

Français [French]

New Leonardos art

French philosopher Bernard Stiegler and art critic Colette Tron discuss the emergence of a “society of hypercontrol” as an evolution from both Deleuze’s “society of control” and Foucault’s “society of surveillance”. For Stiegler, entities such as technology companies exemplify this shift, as new algorithms profile users, anticipate their needs and actions, and modify their behavior in directions desired by these companies. He draws on Chris Anderson’s assertion that language translation algorithms no longer rely on the expertise of linguists, for instance, but instead just on pattern recognition (the end of theory). Stiegler speculates as to whether conditions in the Anthropocene could potentially allow groups of internet users to develop an ‘art of hypercontrol’ and an economy of negative entropy to counteract 21st century issues such as climate change.