Cellular Propeller, meeting with Howard Boland


Meta-Life art

The artist Howard Boland presents his project Cellular Propeller, not achieved at the time of the recording, and that consists of propelling an artificial object, namely a small wheel, with human sperm cells in a synthetic biology artwork. He discusses the ethical and aesthetical issues related to the creation of this work as well as his creative process.

Enregistré par Annick Bureaud le 6 février 2016 à Berlin dans le cadre du projet Trust Me, I’m An Artist [http://olats.org/trustme/trustme.php], , an EU project that is exploring ethical issues in art that engage with biotechnology and medicine.

Jingles et habillage sonore Jean-Yves Leloup, musiques Carl Harms, David James Elliott “The Wire”, Sergey Lopoukha “Lull” (Universal Production Music Publishing), Stefanski “Last Light Lament” (Atmos Production Music/UNIPPM)