Colony or Space Station


Audiolats art

Leonardo Space Art & Science Workshop “Visions for the 21st Century”, Paris, March 2019
co-organised by Annick Bureaud and Ewen Chardronnet.
Each participant answered the same first question and then two other questions picked up among a set of cards. Sound design Jean-Yves Leloup.
Project website:
Project supported by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation –

0 – What has attracted you to space, 13’38
1 – Humans or Robots, 4’23
2 – Dark Night or Full Moon, 4’37
3 – Astronomy or Astronautics, 4’57
4 – Colony or Space Station, 10’06
5 – Space Art or Space Culture, 4’31
6 – We are in 2121, if we were to have a workshop on space art science and culture, what would you like to be talking about, 6’36
7 – Ask your own question and answer it, 7’21