Creativity, Innovation and Social Change: Conversation with Vlad Glaveanu


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Our guest on this episode is Vlad Glaveanu, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology and Professional Counseling at Webster University Geneva, and an expert in the cultural psychology of creativity.

In this episode:

How research on Easter egg decoration in Romania led to a research program in creativity (0:50) — The importance of community, habit, values, and practices for (1:30) — Habitual creativity, masterful practice, and creativity as craft (1:45) — Traditional crafts in the modern context (4:30) — Collaboration and group dynamics in creative teams e.g. screenwriting (9:00) — Is “American culture” more individualistic? (12:30) — Did studying and working in Romania, Denmark and the United Kingdom shed light on different conceptions of creativity? (16:30) — What about the biological basis of creativity? (19:45) — Nature and nurture are not opposed to each other (21:45) — Is “creativity” an overly neoliberal, consumerist, individualistic concept, in contrast to the concepts of “wonder” and “possibility”? (24:45)

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