Environment and Psychology in Architecture and Urbanism: A Conversation with Volker M. Welter Part 1


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Our guest on this episode is Volker M. Welter, professor of art history at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Discovering the work of urban planner Patrick Geddes: community, civic responsibility and civic society (2:30) — The origins of town planning in the late 19th century: architecture, economics and biology (5:00) — The urban environment of Edinburgh today: from the Old Town to the Outlook Tower (9:15) — Visualizing the topography of Edinburgh in the Outlook Tower (14:15) — Geddes’s 1925 plan for Tel Aviv, Chaim Weizmann and Israel Zangwill (16:44) — Connecting Tel Aviv to historic Jaffa (21:30) — In the 1930s, Jewish refugees and the Bauhaus arrive in Tel Aviv (24:00)

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