Ethics in the Fandom Community: A Conversation With Casey Fiesler


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Our guest on this episode is Casey Fiesler, a social computing researcher who studies governance in online communities, technology ethics, and fandom.

Studying human-computer interaction and online communities in the early 2000s (1:00) — How are ordinary users of technology supposed to respond to the Terms of Service? (2:45) — Do users in Europe enjoy any better privacy protections than those in the U.S.? (5:15) — Anonymity as protection from, and enabler of, online harassment (7:15) — Early research on improvisational micro-agents (9:45) — What is fandom, and where did it come from? (12:45) — Gender in fandom (15:30) — Creators, transformative fandom, and intellectual property (18:30) — Ethics education in computer science (20:15) — Current research in the lab: content moderation, fandom communities, privacy norms and inclusion (21:30)