Fakugesi Digital Art Residency- Ling Tan


Future Lab Africa art

In this episode Tegan Bristow interviews Fak’ugesi Resident Ling Tan.

Short Description
A festival residency which hosted three disciplines hardware (maker), software and arts with the Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Festival in Johannesburg South Africa. Residents comprised of two artists from the UK, Ling Tand and Kasia Molga, and two artists from South Africa, Nathan Gates and Jepchumba. Following the Fak’ugesi Festival, residents present outcomes in a residency exchange at Watermans in London in November 2015.

Residency Theme

The residency is developed in extension of the Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Festival, and the festival itself is about not only the convergence of technology, art and culture, but also the development of Braamfontien in Johannesburg as a new hub for digital media and technology cultures evolving from a vibrant community of young creatives living and working in the area. The residency is an invitation to respond to the environment by exploring it as it stands and to create speculative and digital public engagement in response to this theme: “Futurist Visions of Johannesburg / City: uncovering place and space, physical and virtual responses to ‘now’ for socio-cultural technologies of the future.”

Working together, sharing insights and knowledge while engaging the city and its technology cultures, we invited the residents to bring into being a speculative technological-engagement that asks questions of a futuristic Johannesburg / City.