Globalization and the Baroque: A Conversation with Ambassador Jorge Alberto Lozoya Part 1


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Our guest on this episode is Ambassador Jorge Alberto Lozoya, the inaugural director of the International Museum of the Baroque in Puebla, Mexico.

Does the return of the baroque in contemporary culture imply a cyclical, as opposed to linear, concept of history? Asian vs. European ideas of history (2:15) — Trans-Pacific trade from the Manila galleon to the present (5:30) — The peculiar Western fascination with individual artists and writers (8:00) — Regional varieties of the baroque: Puebla vs. Spain and Italy (11:45) — Bishop Palafox and the Biblioteca Palafoxiana (13:00) — Similarities between Mexican and Southeast Asian styles (14:45) — Catholicism in Asia (17:00 — Taking the Greyhound bus from Mexico City to New York, aged fifteen (18:30) and resolving to become a diplomat (20:30)