Globalization and the Baroque: A Conversation with Ambassador Jorge Alberto Lozoya Part 2


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Our guest on this episode is Ambassador Jorge Alberto Lozoya, the inaugural director of the International Museum of the Baroque in Puebla, Mexico.

How would you respond to someone who criticizes globalization as merely a kind of “Yankee imperialism”? (0:25) — How Russian visits to Western supermarkets led to the downfall of the Soviet empire (5:05) — The 21st-century return of religion: Hungary, Brazil, Mexico (8:00) — Cervantes, Shakespeare, Mozart: a universal culture (13:15) —  Cosmopolitan dialogues: Gabriel Orozco, Octavio Paz, Sor Juana (17:30) —  What should people in the U.S. read to better understand Mexico? (20:30) — What to do after retiring from a long and distinguished career (24:00)