Modernity and History in Hungarian Poetry: A Conversation with Zsuzsanna Ozsváth Part 2


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Our guest on this episode is Zsuzsanna Ozsváth, whose new book of translations, The Golden Goblet: Selected Poems of Goethe (with Frederick Turner), will be released by Deep Vellum Publishing in 2019.

The book of poems, written on postcards, found in Radnóti’s coat pocket after his death (0:30) — A reading of the “Razglednicas” (4:00) — The special position, and sense of fate, borne by poets in Hungary as “speakers of the nation” (9:15) —  Introducing the great Hungarian poet Attila József (12:00) — Reading “With a Pure Heart” (16:00) — When the Danube Ran Redrecalling a cultured childhood in Budapest (18:00) — The war from a child’s point of view (19:30)

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