“Performing with Jellyfishes”, Meeting with Robertina Šebjanič


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In this podcast, slovene artist Robertina Šebjanič discusses her work with jellyfishes and more precisely the sound performance “Aurelia 1 + Hz / proto viva sonification”. Issues of immortality, ecology and our relation to living creatures are discussed.

“Performing with Jellyfishes”, rencontre avec Robertina Šebjanič, 16’53
Enregistré par Annick Bureaud, le 6 février 2015 à Paris, jingles et habillage sonore Jean-Yves Leloup, musique extraits de la performance de Robertina Šebjanič avec les méduses “Aurelia 1 + Hz / proto viva sonification”.

“Performing with Jellyfishes”, meeting with Robertina Šebjanič, 16’53
Recorded by Annick Bureaud, February 6th 2015 in Paris, jingles and sound design Jean-Yves Leloup, music from the performance “Aurelia 1 + Hz / proto viva sonification” of Robertina Šebjanič with the jellyfishes.

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