Poetry, Nature and Science: A Conversation with Frederick Turner Part 1


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Our guest on this episode is Frederick Turner, whose new book of translations, The Golden Goblet: Selected Poems of Goethe (with Zsuzsanna Ozsváth), will be released by Deep Vellum Publishing in 2019.

Childhood influences: brother Robert Turner, father Victor Turner (1:15) — The conflict between literary-humanistic and scientific-positivist values at Oxford and The Two Cultures (3:30) — The generativity, richness and abundance of the natural universe (6:00) — Communism, atheism and Victor Turner’s conscientious objection to the Second World War (8:30) — From communism to Catholicism (10:15) — Against postmodern social constructionism: “We have a nature; that nature is cultural; that culture is classical” (13:00) — The universality of the three-second line in poetic meter — Background to the poem “On Gibbs’ Law” and Josiah Willard Gibbs (16:00) — Reading “On Gibbs’ Law” (20:45) — Background to “Ride This One Out”: dark times for the country (23:45)

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