Quantum probing, experiencing nature or science?, meeting with Ruth Jarman, Semiconductor


Audiolats art

Ruth Jarman, from the duo Semiconductor, talks about how she and Joe Gerhardt are, in their art, looking for the language of science and man signature in nature. This journey is then built into their animation films and sound works. She presents and discusses their approach to art and to art and science collaborations and details their specific project in relation to the FEAT residency.

Recorded by Annick Bureaud on September 9th 2016 in Linz during Ars Electronica, in the framework of the EU H2020 co-funded FEAT / Future Emerging Art and Technology project [http://featart.eu/index.php?id=5].

Jingles and sound design Jean-Yves Leloup, musics Carl Harms, David James Elliott “The Wire”, Sergey Lopoukha “Lull” (Universal Production Music Publishing), Stefanski “Last Light Lament” (Atmos Production Music/UNIPPM) and “Nouvelles Machines” by Pete Namlook & Geir Jenssen.