Saddles in the Sunset with M.S Sriram (Part 1)

ಕನ್ನಡ [Kannada]

Gari art

In the first part of this podcast, MS Sriram, a professor at the Indian Institute of Management(Bangalore), a nationally renowned consultant in finance and a writer in Kannada, shares experiences of his interactions with rural handicraft makers. These handicraft makers are happy as they are untouched by greed. He explains how his stories and characters are spaced in an area of a different spoken language (telugu), which helps him transcend political and other stereotypical layers of the language in which he writes (kannada). He also talks about how a non-kannada city like Hyderabad becomes the muse of another major Kannada poet, K V Tirumalesh.
Sriram’s latest book “Talking Financial Inclusion in Liberalised India: Conversations with Governors of the Reserve Bank of India” captures the evolution and approach of the central bank in addressing a variety of questions pertaining to financial inclusion through conversations with five former Governors of Reserve Bank of India.

Bumpers by Hamid Hassan.
Edited by Ritwik Kaikini.