Saddles in the Sunset with M.S Sriram (Part 2)

ಕನ್ನಡ [Kannada]

Gari art

In the second part of this podcast, MS Sriram, a professor at the Indian Institute of Management(Bangalore), a nationally renowned consultant in finance and a writer, shares his experiences of writing about finance in Kannada, the language of Karnataka, India. He reflects on how writers are rigid in translating every word but forget to retain a few indigenous flavours for the readers. Sriram speaks about the wit and the humor of Y N Krishnamurthy (fondly known as ‘YNK’) , a trend setting journalist, editor and ‘pun’dit.
Sriram’s latest book “Talking Financial Inclusion in Liberalised India: Conversations with Governors of the Reserve Bank of India” captures the evolution and approach of the central bank in addressing a variety of questions pertaining to financial inclusion through conversations with five former Governors of Reserve Bank of India.
Bumpers by Hamid Hasan.
Edited by Ritwik Kaikini.