Short Film and Universal Language / فیلم کوتاه و زبان جهانی

Artisthinktive Iran art

Maryam Veysmoradi is a young Iranian filmmaker and director who has produced several short films. My dialogue with her revolves around issues such as the nature of the short film versus the feature film, the relationship between short films and ethical dilemmas, political realities, and the human being’s existential predicaments. Instead of dealing with subjects rooted in the minutiae of everyday life, in some of her works, she has tried to touch upon issues which are concerned with war and universal peace. Primarily, in this podcast, Maryam Veysmoradi elaborates on the nature of short film as an autonomous artistic medium which is aesthetically and ontologically distinguishable from its counterpart feature film. Although “brevity” is the principal characteristic of the short film, but Maryam emphasizes that this characteristic does not detract the strong influence of the short film in terms of engaging and evoking the emotional and mental state of its audiences. In her works, she wishes to achieve a universal cinematic language which can exceed human linguistic differences and that would enable to call upon human beings all across the world.

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