Stiegler on Enabling the Improbable

Français [French]

New Leonardos art

Steigler and Tron discuss the idea of improbable events, the singular un-calculable event. In our society the singular is being converter into the particular ( algorithms that predict user behavior based on their profiles in a given system have no interest in the individual as a whole). The digital economy depends on predictable, calculable, behaviors of users. Big Data approaches rely on analytic approaches which are incapable of creating truths that depend on intuition built on individual experience- understanding and reason cannot be conflated. This requires ‘de-automating’ the processes, and creating negentropy by injecting effort through an Art of Hypercontrol. This creates a quasi-causality (Deleuze) by breaking the causal chain. Stiegler speculates on the coming transformation of the economy as extended automatisation eliminates systematically classic employment. The Art of Hypercontrol seeks to establish an ecology of the improbable.