Taste of Flesh / Bite Me I’m Yours, as Seen by the Curator, Meeting with Jareh Das


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The curator Jareh Das discusses Martin O’Brien’s durational performance Taste of Flesh / Bite Me I’m Yours that the artist created in London on April 18th 2015 as part of Trust Me, I’m An Artist, an EU project that is exploring ethical issues in art that engage with biotechnology and medicine.

This podcast is linked to the one with Martin O’Brien discussing the same performance from the point of view of the artist.

Jingles et habillage sonore Jean-Yves Leloup, musiques Carl Harms, David James Elliott “The Wire”, Sergey Lopoukha “Lull” (Universal Production Music Publishing), Stefanski “Last Light Lament” (Atmos Production Music/UNIPPM)


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