Traversing Raagas with Deepa Ganesh (Part 2)

ಕನ್ನಡ [Kannada]

Gari art

In part two of Traversing Raagas, Deepa Ganesh discusses her experiences with Gangubai Hangal, who was a Indian Classical Singer of the Khyal genre from the Kirana Gharana in Hindustani Classical Music. Gangubai lived a simple, humble life in Hubli, a city in the state of Dharwad in Karnataka. She was always generous and kind to all the people around her, often sharing sweets, cheer and joy. After meeting her for a brief time during Gangubai’s birthday, Deepa wrote an article on her for Frontline and the response to the article was huge. In reply to this response, Three Essays, a publisher based in Delhi, commissioned Deepa to write a book on her. Deepa lived with Gangubai inside her house and started writing the book in 2007. Gangubai faced several difficulties in her life due to the caste system and gender inequalities where women were discouraged from taking up singing as a form of employment. Deepa published the book “A Life in Three Octaves” in 2013, which chronicled the life and fond memories of Gangubai Hangal. Her legacy continues through her voice and soulful music.
At the end of this podcast, we hear Gangubai Hangal’s recital of Raag Shuddha Kalyan.
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