Big Dreams Big Data


Art, Engineering, and Innovation

Artists, scientists and technologists working on big ideas, need to be able to work with massive digital datasets (from pixels to waves to real-time streams), without compromising their projects due to limited network capabilities. Data artists are experimenting more and more with ways to make huge amounts of data comprehensible and accessible to a very broad range of people. Corporations are hiring independent artists to approach novel problems concerning data and to engage with that data in ways that haven’t been done before. This channel will encourage ‘early adopters’ to extend human networks to push the edge of the latest technological breakthroughs even further.


(Re)solving Big Problems-One Petabyte at a Time!

Recorded on 2015-04-20

Catch the wave of ‘active hope’ by learning how big data is helping save our planet…Celebrating Earth Day 2015, we talk about what others are doing now and what you can do in your own daily practice or imagined projects.

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Using Big Data to Make Big – and Little – Decisions

Recorded on 2014-12-20

Dr Ellen Wagner joins vTapestry to continue the conversation from Online Educa Berlin 2014 about whether or not big data is corrupting education. Learn how big data can be used – in context – to drive evidence-based decisions at home, at play, and at work. You might be surprised at who is rating/grading you – […]

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Why Big Dreamers Need to Know About Big Data

Recorded on 2014-11-17

Meet your “Big Dreams? Big Data!” co-hosts and learn what ‘big data’ means to them – and, more importantly, why it matters to you! vTapestry is a partnership between Christine Maxwell and Rebekah Nix dedicated to creating and delivering high-quality development tools and resources to support professionals in meeting the diverse challenges presented by a […]

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