Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Biology

Biocollider is about research on the intersection of art, science, and technology. Its conversations usually tie into more profound, philosophical questions that lie beyond our everyday life and later circle back. The interviews inspire my Ph.D. research and thinking about connections between humans, machines, intelligence, biology, art, philosophy, technology, games, fiction, and politics. Biocollider is a place where science from top research institutions meets DIY science and art.

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Genes, Collaborations, and Permissions with Adam Zaretsky

In this Biocoillider episode, Adam Zaretsky talks with Matej Vakula about multi-species collaborations in bioart. What does it mean to ask for permission, and how do we ask non-humans? Can language or training influence gene expression? What ideas truly underpin the aesthetics of transhuman enhancement? What does the hype around certain scientific discoveries–such as CRISPR–serve? […]

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