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This channel, Femgineers, is for women who work, study, help, or just interested in STEM to share their ideas and interests. It will provide an outlet for them to speak their minds and an opportunity for their voices to be heard.

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Medical Technology makes it possible. Should we choose it?

Recorded on 2020-08-19

Elizabeth Escalante is a Stone Fellow at the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology at the UT Dallas who studies ethics issues involved in medical technology. In this episode, Eun Ah Lee and Elizabeth talk about Elizabeth’s current study of uterus transplantation as an ethical alternative to commercial gestational surrogacy.

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Teachers Can Help Future Femgineers

Recorded on 2018-04-11

Eun Ah Lee talks to Dr. Mijung Kim (University of Alberta in Canada) and Dr Hye-eun Chu (Macquarie University in Australia) about how teachers can encourage and guide young girls toward the STEM world.

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When You Doubt Your Choice

Recorded on 2018-02-19

Eun Ah Lee and Emma Newkirk talk about a STEM student’s choices, doubts, and how to overcome such doubts and keep going. Edited by Oskar Olsson.

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A Place for Women Engineers

Recorded on 2015-12-14

Eun Ah Lee and Roger Malina talk about how interesting and, at the same time, how terrifying it could be to make the first step to do something new. Starting a new channel “Femgineers” is such a step to build a place for women engineers.

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