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Art, Engineering, and Science

Frank Malina was an astronautical pioneer who led the US team that launched the first human made object into space. He co founded and was the first director of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and co founder of Aerojet General Corporation. He served as deputy director for Science of UNESCO, He was a pioneering kinetic artist and founder of the Leonardo Journal.

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Frank Malina : Ideas about Art and Science and Art and Technology

Recorded on 2015-02-09

Artist and curator Ewen Chardronnet and Art Historian Fabrice Lapelletrie discuss the work of Frank Malina. They mention the importance of the work of Theremin, Wilfred and other artists interested in the connections between sound and images in the 20s and 30s. The role of the cultural imagination as a science driver is developed, as […]

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Frank Malina and the Cultural Appropriation of Science and Technology

Recorded on 2015-01-28

Art Historian Fabrice Lapelletrie and Artist and Curator Ewen Chardronnet discuss Frank Malina’s art philosophy and how artists must appropriate the scientific landscapes and technologies of their time to create truly contemporary art forms. Chardronnet discusses his interest in artistic experimentation in the context of space exploration. He details his mounting of an exhibition around […]

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Frank Malina and His Circle (with Chardronnet and Lapelletrie)

Recorded on 2015-01-23

Artist and Curator Ewen Chardronnet discusses with art historian Fabrice Lapelletrie their ongoing research around Frank Malina and his circles of friends and collaborators both in Pasadena around the work of the ‘suicide club” headed by Malina with Jack Parsons, Ed Foreman. Hu Hse Tsien whose work led to the first successful American high altitude […]

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Modern Art’s Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina Part 1

Recorded on 2014-10-20

Fabrice Lapelletrie speaks with artist and writer Reg Gadney about his introduction to engineer/artist Frank Malina, his relationships with Malina and famed Hungarian artist Nicolas Schöffer, and his opinions on artistic criticism. Bumpers by Ronan Martin.

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Modern Art’s Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina Part 3

Recorded on 2014-10-20

Bronac Ferran and Reg Gadney discuss the latter’s decision to first begin writing about kinetic art, the cross-pollination of art influences during the 1950s and 1960s, and kinetic art’s (and Frank Malina’s) critical and economic status among the visual and literary arts. Bumpers by Ronan Martin.

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Modern Art’s Unsung Pioneer: Gadney on Malina Part 2

Recorded on 2014-10-20

Reg Gadney continues his conversation with Fabrice Lapelletrie, specifically addressing his personal insights into Frank Malina’s artistic method, work ethic, and legacy in the context of 21st century collaborations between the arts and technology.

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