Gut Feeling


Those butterflies in your stomach, where do they come from? When you make the decision to pick your life partner, how are you so sure? It’s clear that we don’t have a mathematical formula for all of our decisions in our life. We have to trust our intuition. What is our intuition? Where do these feelings come from? This podcast channel will explore the range of topics from human decision making to emotional intelligence, neuroscience and psychology to nutrition and marketing. We will be discussing the science behind the decisions we make.

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Fear with Dr. Aage Moller

Recorded on 2019-04-01

A conversation with Professor Aage Moller on irrational fear and how it impacts our decision making.  Bumper by Ritwik Kaikini

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Capitalizing on your Strengths

Recorded on 2018-11-07

Learning about my strengths has helped me feel more confident in the way I make my decisions. We need to learn the way we think so that we can hack our decision making. If we know our strengths then we know what excites us and what motivates us. My top 5 strengths are: Ideation Learner […]

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Shikayat Hai

Recorded on 2018-08-20

A beautiful dialogue between my mother and I about her in the Urdu language. This is language known for its poetic expressions, it comes from the lands of Pakistan and India. My mother has always expressed herself in poetic gestures. If you enjoy Urdu Shayari, then you will love the little glimpse of her childhood […]

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The Design of Today, Art of Tomorrow

Recorded on 2018-08-11

My conversation today is with one of my favorite educators. Have you ever met someone who absolutely loves to explain things and happens to be really good at it. Well thats Cassini Nazir for you. He is the Clinical Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is an ATEC Professor but he is […]

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Music Makes You Smarter Featuring Kathryn Evans

Recorded on 2018-07-10

Would you believe me if I told you that you are exercising your brain just by listening to your favorite music?  Neuroscientific research suggests that music has impacted the minds of children and elderly in profound ways. Music continues to promote neuroplasticity even in the aging brain. Join my conversation on how music makes you […]

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Do Machines Have a Gut Feeling? Featuring Mihai Nadin

Recorded on 2018-06-20

Professor Mihai Nadin is the director of Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems at University of Texas Dallas. He is a scholar and researcher in electrical engineering, computer science, aesthetics, semiotics, human-computer interaction (HCI), computational design, and post-industrial society. He has been described as the 20th Century renaissance man in the field of humanities and […]

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The Possibilities of Training Our Gut Instinct with Roger F. Malina and Yusra Khan

Recorded on 2018-06-01

Roger F. Malina is a space scientist and astronomer, with a specialty in extreme and ultraviolet astronomy, space instrumentation and optics. He is the associate Director of the ATEC program at University of Texas Dallas and  also the founder of the trans-disciplinary ArtSci lab at the University of Texas Dallas. Join our introductory conversation on […]

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