Noisy People


A series of short (15-30min) podcasts, each one interviewing (usually) one musician or sound artist, produced by Tim Perkis. Focus of interest is largely on experimental, improvisational and improvised music, with occasional forays to whatever attracts Tim’s interest.

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08: Eco-Minimalist Composer Wendy Reid

Wendy Reid has been working for over 30 years on her unique body of “Tree Pieces”, chamber compositions for various ensembles which define a music based on natural processes. Along the way, she works with birds whom she regards as authentic musical collaborators.

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06: Roscoe Mitchell

I’m really happy that Barbara Golden and I could collaborate on this show, and re-publish her fascinating interview with Roscoe Mitchell, the saxophonist, composer, and leading light of the legendary Art Ensemble of Chicago.

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04: Caroline Martel

Filmmaker Caroline Martel is the producer and director of Wavemakers, a documentary about the Ondes Martenot, an electronic musical instrument invented in France in the 1920’s. Her documentary traces the unusual history of the instrument and its enthusiasts from its creation through to the present.

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NP01: Lorin Benedict

Today’s guest is scat-singer / nuclear physicist Lorin Benedict, of Oakland, California. Lorin’s music stretches the boundaries of traditional jazz scat-singing, with excursions into hip-hop, neo-classical fugues, and the borders of free improvisation. He also has an unusually developed ‘nonsense language’ vocabulary underlying his work.

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10: Analog Synth Master Doug Lynner

My guest is analog synthesizer master Doug Lynner, who has performed evolving live compositions on the Serge Modular Synthesizer for over 40 years, as well as editing the classic electronic music magazine Synapse. Bumpers by 

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