Roots of Curiosity


Neuroscientists represent the world using cause-effect relationships, principles, mechanisms. Artists create representations of the world using colors, sounds, movements. Can these representations mutually challenge, feed and complete themselves in a single humanistic experience?

What is this drive for recreating, representing and manipulating reality? Could it be that both artists and scientists are driven by a shared “root” of curiosity?

The Roots of Curiosity channel features these explorations of the convergence of art and science.

Logo by Lina Moon.


Exploration Versus Exploitation: A Scientific Retreat in Azores

Recorded on 2018-06-26

In this podcast, we uncover the wandering of a neuroscience lab crew in the Azores while in search for the exploration/exploration duality both in scientific work and beyond. We will talk about the importance of doing scientific retreats as a way to promote reflection about science, scientific questions and methodologies.

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Roots of Curiosity: Neuroscientists in a Science-Art Project

Recorded on 2016-02-22

Is it possible to create an object that is both artistic and scientific? Neuroscientists Maria and Ana discuss their experience as participants in the science-arts project “Roots of Curiosity”. They paired with artists to create a “symbiotic” piece and tell us about their challenges and motivations.

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Raízes da Curiosidade: Tempo de Ciência e Arte, à Conversa com Madalena Wallenstein, a Curadora do Projecto

Recorded on 2015-11-19

Neste podcast, Madalena Wallenstein dá a sua visão sobre o projeto de arte e ciência “Raízes da Curiosidade: Tempo de Ciência e Arte” e fala sobre o culminar do ciclo com o lançamento de um livro onde os intervenientes (duplas cientista-artista, criadores da ideia original, diretores artísticos e curadora) refletem sobre o processo de criação. […]

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