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Auditory perception has advantages in temporal, amplitude, and frequency resolution that open possibilities as an alternative or complement to visualization techniques. The implications and techniques of this approach to extending the perception of data to the sense of hearing will be the focus of this channel.


Brian Foo – The DataDriven DJ

Recorded on 2019-10-02

Brian first came to my attention with the “Data Driven DJ” project which is an amazing set of 10 tracks of various “experiments” in tunes made from data sonification techniques.  He is an artist and computer scientist living and working in New York City. He is a data visualization artist at the American Museum of Natural History, […]

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Singing Sap

Recorded on 2019-05-29

Join Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Ayen Kuol and Oskar Olsson for a demonstration of a musical mechanism created in PD with data taken from measurements of sap flow in ancient Polish oak trees.

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Interview with Konstantinos Vasilakos

Recorded on 2019-03-15

Konstantinos Vasilakos is a performer and composer of Electroacoustic music. His research interests include sonification, gestural improvisation, and live coding with networked music systems. He holds a PhD in Music from Keele University in the UK, and a Masters degree from the Utrecht School of the Arts, in the Netherlands. His works have been presented […]

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Roger Dean

Recorded on 2018-09-21

Roger Thornton Dean (born in 1948 in the UK) is a British-Australian musician, academic, biochemist and cognitive scientist. Alongside his academic research, he is always a composer/improviser, having worked with many key participants on the European and Australian new music and improvisation scenes, and being deeply involved in electroacoustic music. He founded the ensemble LYSIS […]

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Chris Chafe

Recorded on 2018-06-19

Chris Chafe talks about his years of experiences in the field of sonification with Scot Gresham-Lancaster. Chris is the Director of the Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. Listeners who want to hear some of Chris’s excellent sonification work can go here:

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Martin Keary

Recorded on 2018-03-23

Martin Keary is a composer and visual artist based in London. “Apart from publishing work on musical topics, I write music for live ensembles, video games and film. My alma mater is the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where I completed an MMUS in composition under Gordon McPherson and Rory Boyle.” Martin came to my attention […]

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Mark Ballora – Sonification Research

Recorded on 2018-02-10

A real thrill to get a chance to talk to music technology guru and one of the most dedicated sonification researchers today. It was a great pleasure to talk to Mark about his ideas regarding the direction of future sonificaiton research and the slow and steady approach to acclimating our future culture(s) with the idea […]

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Carla Scaletti – Early Pioneer of Sonification Research

Recorded on 2018-01-18

Carla Scaletti is an experimental composer and designer of the Kyma sound design language and co-founder of Symbolic Sound Corporation. Her compositions always begin with a “what-if” hypothesis and involve live electronics interacting with acoustic sources and environments. The listener is encouraged to first watch Carla’s brilliant keynote at the 2017 International Conference of Audio […]

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Talking Trees

Recorded on 2017-09-12

Scot Gresham-Lancaster in conversation with colleague Bert Barten to touch bases on a decade-long project called Talking Trees. Talking Trees is a collaboration between artists, musicians and scientists who aim to connect people and nature together. The idea comes from artist Bert Barten who is aware of our unnatural way of living. When the Polish […]

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The Field of Sonification

Recorded on 2017-09-12

Scot Lancaster and Greg Kramer discuss the field of sonification–the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data. This conversation deals with its origins and possible uses in the future.

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L. Alexis Emelianoff

Recorded on 2015-09-02

Our guest’s interesting website points to her unique work creating new types of instruments for etheric fields or she says on her site “sonification of the dynamic plane: Instruments and systems tuning in to the volatile and unpredictable potentials of matter, from hard substance to the level of electron spin​” So this is a […]

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David Worral

Recorded on 2015-08-24

David Worrall is a preeminent scholar regarding sonification. His doctoral thesis on the topic is one of the best resources available for anyone researching this area of study. This is an open and informal discussion of various topics related to sonification. David and Scot have known each other for decades so this an engaging and […]

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Marco Buongiorno Nardelli

Recorded on 2015-05-11

Dr. Buongiorno Nardelli is a computational materials physicist and composer. His latest work at is a new computer-aided data-driven composition (CADDC) environment based on the sonification and remix of scientific data streams. Sonification of scientific data, i.e. the perceptualization of information through acoustic means, not only provides a useful alternative and complement to visual […]

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Sophia Roosth – All the Senses

Recorded on 2015-04-06

From her perspective as an anthropologist the interest in how non-visual senses (e.g., hearing, taste, and touch) figure in scientific research and knowledge production are discussed. Among these interests sonocytologists who record cellular vibrations, exploring how listening to cells impacts how researchers understand biological processes are discussed.

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Mike Winters – Sonification of Emotion

Recorded on 2015-03-13

To quote Mike Winters from the “Project Description” of his Masters Thesis “Strategies for Continuous Auditory Display of Arousal and Valence” in which he states “Sound is capable of profound emotional experiences: one need look no further than the importance of music in film. Sonification is field of research interested in the use of sound […]

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Pauline Oliveros – Some Thoughts on Sonification

Recorded on 2015-03-08

Pauline Oliveros and host Scot Gresham-Lancaster have collaborated on many projects over the years and in this podcast they talk over some of that work with a focus on the pieces at the Art/Science boundary. The Deep Listening Art/Science Conference comes up as well as the interesting “moon bounce” pieces, “Echoes from the Moon.”

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Florian Grond and Listening Mode Centered Sonification

Recorded on 2015-03-05

Here is an extended conversation regarding a broad range of topics relative to sonification including the types and definitions of listening relative to sonification practices as well as a discussion of the blurry space between sound art practice and functional scientific purpose with sonification. Notes on pointers to some of Dr. Grond’s work here: ******************************************************************************************************** […]

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Margaret Schedel and the Sounds of Science

Recorded on 2015-02-24

Margaret Schedel is an Associate Professor of Composition and Computer Music at Stony Brook University. Through her work, she explores the relatively new field of Data Sonification, generating new ways to perceive and interact with information through the use of sound. From a longer in depth article at Dr. Schedel states: “In the current […]

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The Conductor

Recorded on 2014-09-06

Andrew Blanton and Scot Gresham-Lancaster introduce and discuss CONDUCTOR, an exploration in real-time sound diffusion using multiple iOS devices as sensors for the placement of sound. The design references the historical use of spatial dimensions in music and addresses how the disintegration of traditional audience/performer roles creates massive implications for this new approach to “conducting”. […]

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Ivanna Muse – Inspiration making sound

Ivanna came to my attention from our mutual friend, Roger Malina. He had met her during a trip to MIT and thought that she might be an interesting person to interview for the “Sound and Data” channel. So this was a bit of a cold call since I was not that familiar with her work. It […]

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Garth Paine – on Listening to Nature and Acoustic Ecology

Garth is particularly fascinated with sound as an experiential medium, both in musical performance and as an exhibitable object. He is internationally regarded as an innovator in the field of interactivity in experimental music and media arts. He gave the Keynote at the 2016 NIME conference. In 2018, Garth was an artist in residence at […]

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