Virtual Africa



Virtual Africa is an international project that aims to implement and promote works that explore the interaction of the arts and sciences and the arts and new technologies in Africa.

Virtual Africa is a space where events, projects and discussions on art, science, and technology taking place in Africa can be made visible internationally. A series of podcasts are currently produced and developed by practitioners or professionals working at the intersection of the disciplines. It is an extension of Leonardo/Olats initiative which has sown the first seeds of this groundbreaking multimedia project.

Virtual Africa is first concerned about creating a ‘network of networks’ between organizations and non-institutional players in Africa and the other continents. Indeed, the idea of diaspora is central to this project, especially considering how the modern day diasporas have a continuous and vibrant ongoing relationship with their native African countries. As such, meaning as an archipelic project, it enables us to view the ‘world-as-a-whole’ (Edouard Glissant).

Logo by Cassini Nazir.


Virtual Africa Remix #1

For the 50th anniversary of the Leonardo Journal last year, we decided to release a multilingual remix of the podcasts already published on the Virtual Africa channel in order to illustrate the scope and diversity of the topics covered and the vast amount of work that still remains to be done. Each segment of the […]

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Introducing Kapital Movie Industry Corporation

Striving to become the “Hollywood of South Sudan”, Kapital Movie Industry is a network of visionary young artists, documentarists, Graphic Designers, Filmmakers, Web Designers, Film Directors and Visual Effect Artists who are interested in telling the story of their new country and helping to build its future. With the PeaceHackCamp they organize each year, the […]

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