Within the Margins


Art, Diversity, and Politics

Within The Margins seeks to provide a space for thinkers, both inside and outside of the academy, to contextualize the way that marginalized people –in terms of race,ethnicity, gender, class, and sexual orientation– are formed by technology, science, media, and art institutions and systems.

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Creating a Space for the Black Woman Nerd: The Jamie Broadnax Experience

Recorded on 2017-01-11

Jamie Broadnax joins Poe Johnson to discuss how growing up as comic book and video game fan while being a black girl led to the creation of the website and podcast: Black Girl Nerds. Additionally, they discuss the need for more inclusive voices and spaces within digital communities, and the relationship between fandom and social […]

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Describing Egypt: Virtual Reality of Ancient Egypt [AR]

Recorded on 2016-07-30

This podcast features Salma ElDardiry, Senior motion graphic artist and digital composter at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In 2013, ElDardiry launched her project, Describing Egypt, which exhibits historical Egypt in virtual reality tours. The locations selected documents Egypt’s Pharaonic, Islamic, Coptic and Jewish heritage. ElDardiry is also a freelance colorist, animator, musician and a photographer.

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An Investigation of the Black Family Through Fiction

Recorded on 2015-10-14

2015 Pushcart Prize recipient, Latoya Watkins joins Poe to discuss her short story, “The Mother,” as well as the trials and tribulations associated with both thinking about the black family as a concept. Bumper Created by: Hal Clark

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A Conversation with Sanderia Faye

Recorded on 2015-08-21

Poe Johnson talks to Sanderia Faye about her upcoming novel, Mourner’s Bench, and how religion functioned as both a hindrance and help in the Civil Rights Movement. Main

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Makers, Crafters, and Stem: A Short Introduction

Recorded on 2015-08-12

Poe Johnson and Stephanie Vasko discuss the intertwining histories of the Maker Movement and the Craft Movement, and how each relates to women within STEAM fields. http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/future_tense/2015/06/stem_classes_should_include_lessons_about_low_tech_crafts_like_sewing.html

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Negotiating the Term Intersex

Recorded on 2015-06-20

In this podcast, Poe Johnson interviews Dr. Teri Merrick on how the scientific community’s move away from the Intersex label, largely free of any consultatoin from any Intersex people, has had larger implications on the people who occupy that identity.

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The Political Value of Science and the Scientific Value of Politics

Recorded on 2015-06-15

In this podcast, Poe Johnson interviews Eric Martin, an Assistant Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science, on the relationship between science and politics, particularly as it relates to Dr. Martin’s work on George Lakoff and Steven Pinker and the concept of scientism. Additionally, Eric Martin traces the trajectory of the way that scientific […]

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