Dr Rob La Frenais

Independent curator and author





Rob is working on a new book about art on the Moon –Mirroring the Moon, commissioned by Intellect Books, University of Chicago Press. He was the first curator to experience zero gravity at Star City in Moscow in 1999. His exhibitions include Republic Of The Moon with The Arts Catalyst, Aerosolar/Space Without Rockets and Aerocene with Tomas Saraceno in Texas and New Mexico; Exoplanet Lot at Maison des Arts Georges et Claude Pompidou, France; and No Such Thing As Gravity shown at FACT, Liverpool in 2016 and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art in 2017. His publications include Self Etc.Intellect Live (2018) and Manifesto for The Republic Of The Moon, Arts Catalyst, 2014. He writes for Art Monthly, Makery.info France and Artlink Australia.


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