Duniya Soori

Painter and Film Director




Soori, is a painter and a frontline indian film Director who makes his films in the Kannada language. He was born in Bangalore and grew up in the same city which is a muse and an integral part in his films. He studied art at Kalamandira Art school at a young age and then worked as a signboard/wall poster painter till the medium of films and movies drew him into a dynamic journey.He made his first major film Duniya(2006) and followed it up with Inti Ninna Preetiya, Jackie, Junglee, Anna Bond, KaddiPudi, Doddmane Huduga and Kendasampige. As a filmmaker with a distinct expression, he explores various layers of emotions and dark zones of a mega city in the making, the people and their behaviours. He has won the State Award For best Film twice for Duniya and Junglee. He is fondly called Duniya Soori, owing to the success of his first film. Currently he is busy in the post production stage of his latest film ‘Tagaru’ which deals with urban terror and the vulnerable common man.

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