Guy Edmonds




Interests revolve around exploring and understanding the affective potential of the moving image, especially historical moving images. In general, I am interested in effects that exist outside of the narrative form as discussed in the majority of film and media studies. The objects of my research therefore are classes of film which resist or exhibit alternative techniques of storytelling, such as early film, experimental film and amateur film and home movies. In my CogNovo project, I aim to discover new insight into the role played by differing projection technologies and how they condition our perceptual and cognitive response, through the application of electroencephalography (EEG) analysis to the cinema viewing experience. My academic interests in early cinema and home movies are mirrored in my development of two unique programming series in which new contexts are proposed for found films – The Séance du Cinema performances where spiritualistic mediums attempt to divine further information about the unknown protagonists of found home movies and the Saloon of Refuse in which a wide variety of often fragmentary film forms are saved from landfill for last chance saloon screenings. My research and archival work are also informed by active participation in filmmaking, its techniques and culture.

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