Humphrey Muturi

Radio Host and Actor





Humphrey Muturi, known to his radio followers as the OneMic, is the brains behind the OneMic radio show. In a discussion with a founder of an East African music site, Afriziki, he pitched the idea of a radio show that would do two things — showcase the musical talent that is abundant in East Africa, and provide a platform for East Africans in the Diaspora to dialog. Not a stranger to the limelight, OneMic is an avidly creative. Feeding his insatiable passion for the creative arts, he moonlights as an actor and has been seen on stage in the play ‘Trials of Brother Jero’, with the acting group, Pambazuka, based in Baltimore, Maryland. He was also part of the big screen film, ‘Jelani’, in 2011. OneMic can be caught live on, sharing his thoughts passionately with his audience and stimulating lively debate about the issues that move East Africans in the Diaspora. His fans love his ability to weave politics, daily issues, and contemporary love situations into a show that will keep them laughing and learning all the time.

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