Jorge Alberto Lozoya

internationalist and historian





Jorge Alberto Lozoya is an internationalist and historian, and has played a key role in international cooperation and in the promotion of significant exchanges in the realms of art, cultural, economic and educational policies.

In 1964, Lozoya designed the Chinese Hall at the Museum of World Cultures in Mexico City after having been in charge of the ethnographic collections of the National Museum of Anthropology. In the mass media field, Lozoya was a pioneer of Mexican public television and produced and conducted many broadcasts. From 1971 to 1974, he directed the cultural supplement of the El Dia newspaper, where he also authored a weekly editorial column. In 1991 he coordinated the presentation of the exhibition, Mexico: Splendor of Thirty Centuries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the 300 cultural and artistic events that accompanied it. In 1995, he served as Director General of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography. In 2017, he was appointed the inaugural director of the International Museum of the Baroque in Puebla, Mexico.

Lozoya’s diplomatic career was launched by his appointment in 1969 as Honorary Consul of Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan. He established the Mexican Consulate in Seville, Spain, and served as Ambassador of Mexico to Israel and Representative to the Palestinian Government, and Ambassador of Mexico to Malaysia. With more than thirty years of diplomatic experience and advanced degrees in international relations and history from El Colegio de Mexico and Stanford University, Lozoya has trained multiple generations of Mexican diplomats on Asian cultures and political systems. Fluent in several European languages as well as Mandarin, he has authored numerous books and journal articles, has taught and lectured throughout the world, and has been decorated by the governments of Argentina, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Venezuela.

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