Jose R. Alcala



New Media


Jose R. Alcala (Valencia, Spain, 1960). Professor of New Media Art at the Fine Arts Faculty, University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). Director of the MIDECIANT (International Museum of Electrographic Artworks-Center for Innovation in New Media Art).,Cuenca (Spain), since its creation, in 1989. Head of the “Collections and Archives of Contemporary Art. Fine Arts. UCLM. Cuenca “(CAAC). Leader of research group “Cultural Interfaces; Art and New Media” of UCLM, since 2006. In 1999, he received the Spanish National Research Award of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (to Museum of Electrography) for its innovations related to graphic art. In recent years he has led various international and national Excellent Research & Development projects related to the New Media Art and the Virtual Museum Studies. Autor of: La piel de la Imagen (Valencia, 2011); Ser Digital (Santiago de Chile, 2011); ¿Como se cuelga un cuadro virtual? (Gijon, 2009); Monstruos, fantasmas y alienígenas. Poeticas de la representacion en la cibersociedad (Madrid, 2004); o Ars & Machina. Electrografia Artistica en la coleccion MIDE (Santander, 2004). Director and curator of Art biannual and prices like International Observatory of Electronic Arts (OOH) of Gijon, Digital Art Awards LUMENEX (University of Extremadura), Electronic Arts Festival of Valencia Digital Media 1.0 . As an artist, he created in 1983 the team Alcalacanales (with Fernando A. Canales), whose exhibitions and artistic creation related to new media activities continued into the international circuit until 1994.